welcome to DESETEFA

DESETEFA is a misspelling of Dan DeStefano’s last name from his Boston College days, but he liked the sound of it and he used it as the name of his production company!

This site serves as a hub for Dan’s work. On the left, you’ll see it split into types of work and it stretches between directing, writing and editing. Dan hasn’t shot everything on the site, but he has edited every video that’s featured.

Every section has a brief description, then you can dive into the individual videos. Check out the Reels section for his scripted reel, his comedy reel and his unscripted reel.

Dan edits using Adobe Premiere primarily on his home Windows 10 PC. In 2016, he switched from Mac, and still has his Macbook Air which can handle basic on-site edits no problem. His Windows PC is also fully equipped with drivers to support Mac external hard drives and Premiere is cross-platform, so projects can bounce back and forth without issue.

Dan shoots with his Sony A7S camera, he has two lenses, a Sony 50mm f/1.8 and a Sony 24-200mm f/3.5-6. He’s got a Zoom H4n mic and two really great LED panel lights. He’s shot short films, commercials and events here in Los Angeles, and in NYC.

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy!