Dan loves comedy and has taken the full improv and sketch track at UCB Comedy Theater in NYC and Los Angeles. His silly temperament and serious experience in comedy makes him a great comic editor. (Comic Web Series can be found in the Web Series tab).

This is a review of Two Point Hospital, the remake of Theme Hospital that Dan made all himself for his YouTube channel DANMAN.

Here’s a hilarious clip from Stop The Bleeding, a web series Dan edited. Here, the monster HR representative tries to mediate an office breakup.

Dan wrote and directed this UCB sketch about the Orchestra acting weird at the Oscars.

Dan directed, shot and edited this piece for Meggyology on YouTube where Megan visits a restaurant and gives us a tour, while interviewing the owner.

Dan created this review of Phantasmagoria, a crappy full motion video game from the 90s, that’s actually so bad it’s good..

Dan edited and shot parts of this UCB fake infomercial for the “Head bag Hair Containment System. The Last Hair Containment System You’ll Ever Need!”

Dan created this comic instructional video for how to make a Game of Thrones themed cocktail for the season premiere, A Drink of Ice and Fire.