Dan wrote, directed and edited these short films and is in development on a new feature!

Here’s a clip of Dan’s upcoming short film starring Antoni Porowski from Netflix’s Queer Eye. Dan wrote, directed and edited this scary surrealist coming out story where all of David’s worst fears about coming out come true.

Dan never released this teaser due to a lot of things going wrong on set, (like a noisy air conditioner we couldn’t turn off, stunt car didn’t fit into the alleyway so we couldn’t shoot the ending) but you live, you learn! This film is the precursor to the feature film I’m writing now, which is VERY different, but this is definitely its root. I cobbled it together as best I can, but I still think there’s good stuff in here so fuck it! Here it is. :)

Dan wrote, directed and edited this gay slasher horror short. Shot in one day, Golden Hour was created for a Brooklyn Film Festival.

Dan wrote, directed and edited this Lynchian tale of a woman who needs love and will get it however she can.

Dan shot and edited this sexy fashion short. It aired during a live exhibition of Alex Marshall’s Facade exhibition at G-Lounge in New York City.

Dan shot and edited this video look book for Anthony Manfredonia in NYC. He used a Canon T2i and an iPhone for multiple angles.

Dan wrote, directed, shot and edited this really weird video for a quarterly meeting at Apple 5th Avenue about recognizing the contributions the employees make. They didn’t show it, saying it was “too creative”.

Dan wrote, directed and edited this strange short film about what happens when you put the wrong DVD in the DVD case.